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The Inquisitive Problem Solver
by Paul Vaderlind, Richard Guy & Loren Larson

The Inquisitive Problem Solver is a collection of 256 mathematical miniatures composed to stimulate and entertain. One of the larger purposes of the book is to show how everyday situations can lead an inquisitive problem solver to profound and far-reaching mathematical principles. Discussions accompanying the problems reinforce important techniques in discrete mathematics, and the solutions-which require verbal arguments-show that proofs and careful reasoning are at the core of doing mathematics. Most of the problems require no special knowledge, others only minimal algebra, but all require clear thinking and insight. About a quarter of the problems suggest additional problems of a more demanding nature, and these are included as Queries with Responses to them in later sections. Many other examples are brought out in the Treasury, which serves as an Index, Glossary, and as list of Terms, Techniques, and Tricks of the Trade. The appealing and accessible problems presented here will appeal to a wide range of readers and users. Middle school, high school, and college teachers who want stimulating problems to challenge their students will find them here. And, the discrete mathematics flavor of the problems will appeal to programmers and computer scientists. The book contains more than a dozen open problems for further research by amateurs or professionals. This treasury of problems will serve as a resource for anyone seeking to improve their problem-solving knowledge and know-how.

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  • Brand name: MAA
  • Authors: Paul Vaderlind
  • Richard Guy
  • and Loren Larson
  • ISBN:9780883858066
  • 300 pp.
  • Paperback
  • 2002
  • Series: Problem Books
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