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Teaching Statistics Using Baseball
by James Albert

Unlike some efforts to teach mathematics using an athletics theme, Albert's book is a success. The work is a high quality elementary statistical concepts resource. Ideas are accurately presented, and explanations are outstanding, with Albert carefully crafting prose to suit beginners. It far surpasses many books at this level.-CHOIC

Teaching Statistics Using Baseball is a collection of case studies and exercises applying statistical and probabilistic thinking to the game of baseball. Baseball is the most statistical of all sports, since players are identified and evaluated by their corresponding hitting and pitching statistics. This book illustrates basic methods of data analysis and probability models by means of baseball statistics collected on players and teams. The idea of the book is to describe statistical thinking in a context (that is, baseball) that will be familiar and interesting to students. There are chapters on the analysis on a single batch of data, followed with chapters on comparing batches of data and relationships. There are chapters on probability models and on statistical inference. The book can be used as the framework for a one-semester introductory statistics class focused on baseball or sports. It may be very suitable for a statistics class for students with sports-related majors, such as sports management or sports medicine. Alternately, the book can be used as a resource for instructors who wish to infuse their present course in probability or statistics with applications from baseball.

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  • Brand name: MAA
  • Author: James Albert
  • ISBN:9780883857274
  • 304 pp.
  • Paperback
  • 2003
  • Series: Classroom Resource Materials
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