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CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title for 2013

New Horizons in Geometry
by Tom M. Apostol and Mamikon A. Mnatsakanian

This volume serves as the "collected works" of a fascinating mathematical collaboration between two authors. This is mathematics of the highest caliber...The authors have put together an impressive body of work that is a solid addition to any library's geometry holdings. --Mark Bollman, MAA Reviews

This is a splendid book. The book shows the authors' work to be strikingly innovative, and their material does not require a particularly advanced background to understand it. The diligent reader, who finds this book to his or her taste, will learn much from it. --M.J. Sewell, Mathematics Today

New Horizons in Geometry represents the fruits of 15 years of work in geometry by a remarkable team of prize-winning authors-Tom Apostol and Mamikon Mnatsakanian. It serves as a capstone to an amazing collaboration. Apostol and Mamikon provide fresh and powerful insights into geometry that requires only a modest background in mathematics. Using new and intuitively rich methods, they give beautifully illustrated proofs of results, the majority of which are new, and frequently develop extensions of familiar theorems that are often surprising and sometimes astounding. It is mathematical exposition of the highest order. The hundreds of full color illustrations by Mamikon are visually enticing and provide great motivation to read further and savor the wonderful results. Lengths, areas, and volumes of curves, surfaces, and solids are explored from a visually captivating perspective. It is an understatement to say that Apostol and Mamikon have breathed new life into geometry.

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  • By Tom M. Apostol and Mamikon A. Mnatsakanian
  • ISBN: 978-0-88385-354-2
  • 520 pp.
  • Hardbound
  • 2013
  • Dolciani Mathematical Expositions Series
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