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Mathematical Olympiads 2000-2001
edited by Titu Andreescu, Zuming Feng & George Lee, Jr.

This book is a continuation of the compilation of mathematical Olympiad problems from the 1998-1999, and 1999-2000 competitions published by the Mathematical Association of America. This volume contains the solutions to the problems from 27 national and regional competitions, together with selected problems (without solutions) from national and regional contests given in 2001. Often multiple solutions are presented to problems in order to encourage students to compare problem-solving techniques and strategies. Here is a sampling of one of the problems you will find in this wonderful collection: There are 2000 white balls in a box. There are also an unlimited supplies of white, green and red balls, initially outside the box. During each turn, we can replace two balls in the box with one or two balls as follows: Two whites with a green, two greens with a white and red, a white and green with a red, or a green and red with a white. (a) After finitely many of the above operations there are three balls left in the box. Prove that at least one of them is a green ball.

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  • Brand name: MAA
  • Editors: Titu Andreescu
  • Zuming Feng
  • and George Lee
  • Jr.
  • ISBN:9780883858103
  • 280 pp.
  • Paperback
  • 2003
  • Series: Problem Books
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