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Knot Theory
by Charles Livingston

The author's book would be a good text for an undergraduate course in knot theory... the topics in the book are nicely tied together...The topics and the exercises together can provide an opportunity for many undergraduates to get a real taste of what present day mathematics is like. -Mathematical Reviews

This monograph by Charles Livingston is a most accessible introductory survey of serious, mathematical twentieth century knot theory...At a time when non-trivial topics are required for so many student projects, no school library with a mathematics section should be without this book. It is a thoroughly well written, well thought out account of a subject of current mathematical research which anyone of a mathematical orientation can enjoy.-Mathematical Gazette

Knot Theory is a concise, comprehensive, and well-written introduction to the definitions, theorems, techniques, and problems of knot theory...the expository sections of the text are quite well organized.

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  • Brand name: MAA
  • Author: Charles Livingston
  • ISBN: 978-0-88385-027-5
  • 264 pp.
  • Hardcover
  • 1993
  • Series: Carus Mathematical Monographs
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