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Expeditions in Mathematics
edited by Tatiana Shubin, David F. Hayes and Gerald L. Alexanderson

Expeditions in Mathematics would be a valuable resource for high school teachers who are working with very bright students looking for a challenge and wanting to delve deeper into an area or an application of mathematics. --Mathematics Teacher

As I browsed through this book, I wished that I had access to this series of talks, and imagined myself and my students in the audience. Expeditions in Mathematics is a testimony to what certainly must be an engaging lecture series. --Mike Daven, MAA Reviews

This book is the second volume based on lectures for pre-college students given by prominent mathematicians in the Bay Area Mathematical Adventures (BAMA). This book reflects the flavor of the BAMA lectures and the excitement they have generated among the high school and middle school students in the Silicon Valley. The topics cover a wide range of mathematical subjects each treated by a leading proponent of the subject at levels designed to challenge and attract students whose mathematical interests are just beginning. In addition, the treatments given here will intrigue and enchant a more mature mathematician. It is hoped that the publication of these lectures will expose students outside of the San Francisco Bay Area to interesting mathematical topics and treatments outside of their normal experience in the classroom. Mathematical educators are encouraged to offer the students in their own localities similar opportunities to come into contact with exciting adventures in mathematics.

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  • Brand name: MAA
  • Editors: Tatiana Shubin
  • David F. Hayes
  • & Gerald L. Alexanderson
  • ISBN:9780883855713
  • 304 pp.
  • Hardcover
  • 2011
  • Series: Spectrum
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