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Environmental Mathematics in the Classroom edited by Bernard Fusaro & Patricia Kenschaft

Environmental Mathematics in the Classroom seeks to marry the most pressing challenge of our time with the most powerful technology of our time-mathematics. It does so at an elementary level, demonstrating a wide variety of significant environmental applications that can be explored without resorting to the calculus. Several chapters are accessible enough to be a text in a general education course, or to enrich an elementary algebra course. Ground level ozone, pollution and water use, preservation of whales, mathematical economics, the movement of clouds over a mountain range, at least one population model, and a smorgasbord of newspaper mathematics can be studied at this level, and would form a stimulating course. It would prepare future teachers not only to learn basic mathematics, but to understand how they can integrate it into other topics that will intrigue their students. Other chapters provide sufficient challenge for prospective mathematics majors. Harder population models, the spread of infections, and the survival of buffalo after the 19th century slaughter provide substance for such students. Those ready to apply trigonometry to real-world models also could study groundwater dissipation, the cleaning of oil spills, and the filling of oil tanks. Environmental Mathematics in the Classroom can be a text for an independent mathematics course. With the expertise of another teacher, it could be the basis of an interdisciplinary course relating to mathematics and science. It can also serve as an excellent supplementary reader for teachers and their students, either for recreation or as the basis of independent study.

  • Brand name: MAA
  • Editors: Bernard Fusaro and Patricia Kenschaft
  • ISBN: 9780883857144
  • 268 pp.
  • Paperback
  • 2003
  • Series: Classroom Resource Materials
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