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Biscuits of Number Theory
edited by Arthur Benjamin & Ezra Brown

The editors have assembled for us a brilliant collection of scintillating mathematical gems. These short and stimulating articles, centered around topics in number theory, are all accessible at the undergraduate level. -Ron Graham, University of California San Diego and Past President of Mathematical Association of America

In Biscuits of Number Theory, the editors have chosen articles that are exceptionally well written and that can be appreciated by anyone who has taken (or is taking) a first course in number theory. This book could be used as a textbook supplement for a number theory course, especially one that requires students to write papers or do outside reading. Here are some of the possibilities: The collection is divided into seven chapters: Arithmetic, Primes, Irrationality, Sums of Squares and Polygonal Numbers, Fibonacci Numbers, Number Theoretic Functions, and Elliptic Curves, Cubes, and Fermat's Last Theorem. As with any anthology, you don't have to read the Biscuits in order. Dip into them anywhere: pick something from the Table of Contents that strikes your fancy, and have at it. If the end of an article leaves you wondering what happens next, then by all means dive in and do some research. You just might discover something new!

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  • Brand name: MAA
  • Editors: Art Benjamin and Ezra Brown
  • ISBN:9780883853405
  • 320 pp.
  • Hardcover
  • 2009
  • Series: Dolciani Mathematical Expositions
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